Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kite Festival


It was our first time here in Austin on this day, a year ago. We drove about six hours from Odessa to meet up with best friends from McAllen. Before going home, we decided to explore the city and searched the web for activities. That's how we learned about the Kite Festival. It was easier to go there by shuttle since it's hard to find parking spaces due to the large crowds attending the festival.


We took the shuttle at Berger stadium and the line was long. Though we waited for an hour for our turn, we didn't give up since we were really looking forward to go there. One of our motivation was thinking about the delicious lunch that we're going to have when we got there. But I do remember that we didn't wait long for the bus last year because we were there earlier then. :)


Yeah! It's finally our turn to board!


The ride was fast since we had an expert driver.


We finally arrived! It was worth the wait. After taking a few photos, we headed straight to the food vendors area. I had Chan's chicken on a stick with fried rice while hubby had Verts' doner. Yum!

DSC_0027-2 DSC_0031-2 DSC_0034

Our view during lunch.



Met up and chatted with friends for a bit before heading home.


The photo below was from a year ago and looking back, we're so glad and thankful that we decided to move here in Austin.


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