Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rare Snowfall in West Texas

I grew up in a tropical country, but snow's not new to me. I've had my first taste of snowflake when I visited my friends in New York two years ago. My whole experience with snow was exciting and wonderful but I wouldn't trade it for my sun and fair weather (mostly) in the bay area. That's also why I sought the heat of Texas when I was offered a job here.


Imagine my surprise when they said it snows in West Texas. What? But it's near the desert? Well, the skeptic turned into a believer when I woke up today. It was snowing.


In West Texas... what a rare sight indeed.


When I learned that there would be a huge snowstorm all over the country and with some states expecting 26 inches of snow, I hushed my knee when it started to complain about the cold. Thank goodness it's just lightly snowing! Other people will have snow-related nightmares and my heart goes out to them.


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  1. Yikes, socks and flip flips, that would keep you warm! Great idea!

    We are just thankful that rarely we get snow in the lowlands of California. I could not imagine myself moving back to NYC.

    Kumusta ka na?

  2. Wow! So cool (so to speak). Hope you're keeping warm. Take your vitamins.

    -- Your Bana

  3. Hi - when I moved from the UK to Australia I managed to get snowed on in August! That means I have been snowed on in every month of the year!

    It's wonderful stuff - kids love it and I think any adult that does not like it (if only just a little bit) is old to the core - great pictures and even better weather!

    Stewart M

  4. I was playing with the snow after a couple of days too.
    by the way, pls. follow me also. thanks much.

  5. I was born and raised in West Texas - and saw snow there occasionally. We had 2 feet of it one year and it melted within a couple of days... It's just really different to see the desert scenery with a dusting of snow. It can be very surreal and beautiful!

  6. like your pink socks. I was excited when I first saw snow, but as it dragged on, I am tired of snow.

    Thanks for visiting.


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