Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just You & Me


Last Monday was our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. We've known each other for seven years now, counting those days when we became friends online. We've had struggles that involved working on different countries and states but the more time we spent apart made our bond stronger and more appreciative of the time we're together.

I'm definitely looking forward to more wonderful years with my man.

This brings to mind one of our favorite songs: Just You N' Me by Chicago

You are my love and my life
And you are my inspiration
Just you 'n me
Simple and free
Baby you're everything I've ever dreamed of
Yeah, yeah

Give me your own special smile
Promise you'll never leave me
Just you 'n me
Simple and free
Life is so easy
When you're beside me

I love my flowers especially with a butterfly and hummingbird.

We got a surprise package and a thoughtful card from our friends Doris and Darrell.
Thanks a lot guys!

Etched on the vase: " Hearts that Love are always in bloom."

We had dinner at Osaka with our food prepared in front of us.
Raul's a great cook and entertainer.


Come hold me close
Never release me
Oh baby don't release me
Open your arms, let my love in
Let me in, let me in, let me in
Love me tonight, love me forever and ever

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bright Lights in the City

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My world has changed these past few months. From a big city in the bay area to a smaller one. It's much quieter here but the lights still shine as brightly, especially on the 4rth of July.


"Flower in the Sky"
Manual, bulb mode set to infinity, ISO 200, f/9


"Palm Trees"


"Shining Star"


"Super Nova"


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rare Snowfall in West Texas

I grew up in a tropical country, but snow's not new to me. I've had my first taste of snowflake when I visited my friends in New York two years ago. My whole experience with snow was exciting and wonderful but I wouldn't trade it for my sun and fair weather (mostly) in the bay area. That's also why I sought the heat of Texas when I was offered a job here.


Imagine my surprise when they said it snows in West Texas. What? But it's near the desert? Well, the skeptic turned into a believer when I woke up today. It was snowing.


In West Texas... what a rare sight indeed.


When I learned that there would be a huge snowstorm all over the country and with some states expecting 26 inches of snow, I hushed my knee when it started to complain about the cold. Thank goodness it's just lightly snowing! Other people will have snow-related nightmares and my heart goes out to them.


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