Monday, July 5, 2010

Alamere Falls


We went to see Alamere Falls in Point Reyes - Bolinas, CA. There's a 3.5 mile hike to Alamere Falls starting at Palomarin Trailhead.

This is the uppermost section of the Alamere falls.

There are 4 sections, the last one is 40 ft cascading to the ocean. It's the first waterfall I've seen that cascades directly to the sea. Quite unique in this regard.

The trail towards it isn't for the faint of heart & children because of the steep descent & ascent. But it was totally worth it. The cascades are breathtaking!




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  1. Isn't the water cold? Oh, I'd so love to get there too. Thanks for the visit.

  2. Yes, the water was cold. So I changed into warmer clothes after 10 mins. :)

  3. Cool shots, Shey. It's been some time since I hiked at Pt. Reyes and don't remember any waterfalls. Thanks for the virtual tour.

  4. Great post! Love the shots and video clips. Now, I have to go on Google and pull up a map to see where this is. I want to go!!

  5. What a wonderful waterfall! I would dearly love to visit this in person, but I thank you for your beautiful pictures and videos.

  6. What a fun treat to see that at the end of a hike!

  7. Beautiful waterfall shots! Looks like a great place to discover!

  8. great i have never seen a waterfall leading to the ocean either. gosh your photos remind me that it's been way too many years since i've been hiking...7 kids will do that i guess lol.


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