Sunday, May 16, 2010

6th Annual Asian Heritage Celebration

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Numerous booths along Larkin & McAllister streets; Asian performers sometimes crooning in Tagalog or another Asian language; & Asian wares and foodstuffs proffered by the vendors are some highlights of the Asian Heritage street celebration. It's also that time of the year in San Francisco where you get to enjoy the native delicacies you've been missing, all in one sweet spot. "Hello Balut (duck egg), lechon, lumpia, we meet again. You will be a special guest in our simple abode tonight. I promise to drizzle you with the sukang pinakurat (brand of spicy vinegar made from Iligan) you surely deserve." It feels like I'm in the Philippines again.

The greatest attraction that day was a 26-foot tall sculpture, Three Heads Six Arms by Zhang Huan (2008, copper) courtesy of The Pace Gallery, NY.
"The sculpture is part of a series of monumental works by Z. Huan that depict fragmented Buddhist statues. The series was inspired by his reaction to the desecration of religious sculptures during the Cultural revolution. A devout Buddhist, the artist believes that by reconstructing these fragments on a grand scale he reestablishes their former dignity. Based on both Chinese mythology and Tibetan Buddhist iconography, the sculpture embodies the hope that within a rapidly changing society, past and present can co-exist."


  1. Wow Shey, masarap yang mga food na yan! Do you like balut and lumpia? I bet you's nice to see Asian performers in foreign land, it makes you feel at home.


  2. Wow! I love the statue, looks so real! Malalaki ang lalagyan ng to-go. Ang daming pagkain! What a great turnout!

    We will have our festival of the arts in Sept. Hopefully, we can also celebrate the Independence Day.

  3. I always love going to an event like that.Parang,Home sweet home pag nakakita a tnakatikim ka ng mga pagkaing pinoy.

  4. Hi Shey! Haven't seen you for awhile! That looks like a really fun event. I probably couldn't handle balut though!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  5. That sculpture is huge. This festival looks great. Thanks for showing us.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs


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