Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sky Trails

Clear skies and awesome trails
with temperatures above 60s to 70s.
Spring is definitely on its way.

Join us at
for skies around the world.


  1. magic shots.congrats and HAVE A NICE WEEKEND

  2. Those sky trails are so distinct that they look like white crayon makings on the blue of the sky! Beautiful shots!

  3. aloha shey,

    thanks for visiting my blog...boy i miss sfo and of course the westfield center...boy the food is amazing there especially my favorite the japanese creme puff place...can you bring me some please????

    have a nice weekend.

  4. Hi Shey!
    thank you for stopping by my blog...awesome pics...i always look at the planes and wonder about all the people onboard...who are they? where are they going? are they happy? do they feel the plane make its curves?
    Haha..yes, i am definetly a daydreamer!

  5. Nice shots, Shey. I especially like the last one. You were in the right place at the right time.

  6. Shey -- those were great Skywatch pictures; but I'll tell you what, as a first-time visitor to your blog, you had me at that header photo! Wow. You're very talented; thanks for sharing all.

  7. Wow, murag super sonic! Love how you capture the streak!

    Hehehe, si Zee gagama sa akong siggy, PS ug brushes kuno, di pa ko kabalo ana.

    Musta na? Glad to see you every now and then.

  8. Hi, Shey! Nice captures. Love the blue skies. Have wonderful weekend

  9. How cool is that! I always wonder where they're flying off to. Thanks for stopping by at my SWF. Enjoy the warmer weather.


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