Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Out in the Lake


At the Golden Gate Park, my husband spied a turtle in the small lake but it went under so fast that I didn't see it right away. So, it took some patience to wait for it to come back up in the surface. Our patience finally paid off and I was able to take these snapshots.


I kept muttering "come on, show up- come on, come closer". After what seemed like half an hour, it came close like 2 feet away from me. Pangga and I were cheering like kids.


I was trying to adjust my zoom when I took the photo below. The sun was out and the its glare was quite strong in the lake. It was a bit far and all I could distinguish against the glare was the duck's colorful feathers. I didn't even take a second look after I snapped the shutter in this general direction. Oh, how I wish I did!

Imagine my surprise when I was reviewing our photos when we got home. The computer's wide screen showed that what I thought was only a duck on top of the rock, was in fact this cute scene: 3 turtles snuggling/ sunbathing with the duck. Oh well, at least I got one photo. I just wish it was clearer. Now what did they say about, "What you've been looking for is right in front of you." I should be more observant next time.

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  1. great capture nice like the series of photos


  2. Awesome photos....just plain and simple...very awesome.

    STOP! IN THE NAME OF LOVE... is my Wednesday entry!! do come by if you can, I'd love to have your company today.

  3. thanks for the visit in my sites..appreciate it....miss pinas na gani ko diri...dumaguete ba to inyo! ingatz!

  4. I really enjoyed your sweet photos of the turtles. What a surprise to see the three of them snuggling with the duck! Something similar happened to me last week when I photographed a bird in a tree and realized after while looking at the photo that the tree was shimmering with sunlight. I was so focused on the bird, I never saw the shimmering light!

    I also enjoyed your other recent posts!
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  5. Isn't this the cutest bonding photo I have ever seen. Wow, just amazing how they could get along!

    Shey, bitaw part time ra iyang work kay lisud man pangita. Pero nakapasar na siya sa County test last month, hulat na lang tawagon. One year experience jud ang kinahanglan.

  6. Great photos! I go to GG park all the time and have never seen a turtle. Men peeing, yes. But no turtles.

    Maybe next time!

  7. Wow, beautiful captures. The last photo is so cute and my favourite.Thanks for sharing

  8. Wonderful! Why can't we all get along like that?

  9. MARVELOUS SHOTS...AND PLEASE...Forgive me..but I tried to comment here and did not get it.
    congrats and thanks for the comment

  10. a smile on my face, I love this. :)


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