Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Relaxing Garden Pond

My hubby's dad has a beautiful garden with a relaxing waterfall & fish pond. I had "pond envy" when we visited.

I think it was still winter when we visited them the last time, so the fishes weren't that active and the flowers were asleep. Now that it's summer, the garden is awake with flitting fishes, colorful blooms, lush greenery and twittering birds.

Mesmerizing kois and goldfishes.
Dad fed them so that I could record this.

See more refreshing water scenes by clicking badge.


  1. Your FIL has a beautiful backyard and coi pond.

  2. Totally mesmerizing pond time! Thanks for sharing. With the lazy days of summer, we've been trying for more tranquil times too.

    Great blog!

  3. This is such a beautiful garden and talk about a feeding frenzy! Really nice!

  4. very nice, sounds like you had a nice time.....enjoy the rest of the summer, jack

  5. Great yard and pond. I've always wanted one. I still have the pond liner. I could just never make myself start digging the hole.

  6. what a beautiful place he has there

  7. A capital pond - I love especially the third photo.


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