Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nature's Bounty

We love my sister-in-law's place because it's surrounded with nature's beauty and bounty. There are robins, cardinals, doves, sparrows and other birds constantly entertaining you with their songs; towering trees and colorful flowers welcoming the sun. One can easily be entertained and relaxed in the patio for hours.

Ahhh! I'm glad we're having this vacation.

Relaxing in their beautiful patio.

It took me some time to get a decent capture of this cardinal
because it didn't stay long in one place and flew so fast.

An early bird got the worm. senyum

I was capturing these clouds, 3 - 4 blocks from Julie's place
and didn't notice the deer until hubby told me.

This is what hubby said:
"Shey and I stumbled across this one well inside the town. When I saw it, I thought it was a sculpture planted in the meridian. Then I thought it was a very, very good sculpture. I finally stopped in my tracks, totally stunned to realize it was a live doe.

I said to Sherry in a hoarse... Read more whisper, "Baby, that's a REAL deer over there!" After previous experience with wildlife running away after pointing, I pointed the Visayan (Philippines) way, with puckered lips pointing at the doe. I had to stop myself from laughing as Sherry frantically pulled her (our--but really her) camera out.

The deer bolted anyway, but Shey--intrepid photographer that she is--still got in a few pics. We were jazzed beyond belief!"

Just trying to see if I could still do it. sengihnampakgigi We found this Hula-hoop leaning against a light pole with nobody around to claim it. Just couldn't resist to play with it for a bit. Of course, I returned it after I was done.

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  1. What a great vacation - that garden is stunning. Good thing you saw the deer - the photo is terrific.

  2. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I know the bird shots take lots of patience and I loved the shot of the deer. The best picture is hula hoop though:)

  3. that's all nice photos...i believed you all had a great time there Shey..love esp. that garden and patio..beautiful!

  4. Shey,
    just a few months ago you were talking about improving your photography skills well you have gone above and beyond because every post I see how your skill grows! And your use of them to tell a story is wonderful as well, keep it up!

  5. I love it when you do the "puckered lips" action! Very so Pinoy! Hehehe, your hubs is a very good sport and how quickly he is adaptint to our culture. I did not invision Chicago is this beautiful. I always think of the tall skyscrappers Sears tower, etc...Harpo Studios. But what a great country setting. You did well with hulahoop!

  6. I enjoyed your vacation, too - lots of birds and unexpected wildlife. Looks like even the hula hoop was fun!

  7. LOVE that house. So cozy outside.

  8. That is a beautiful home. What a gorgeous dear.

  9. A very happy post! The deer photo is outstanding!


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