Tuesday, July 21, 2009


When you're living in the Philippines, one has the tendency to take things for granted. But when you're already in another country, you'll realize that you miss a lot of things that's "Pinoy". A typical example is Jollibee. You see it everywhere in the Philippines but here in the U.S. you'll just see it in big cities. Thank goodness I live in the Bay area.

Hubby didn't know it was a Filipino owned franchise until I told him. He was amazed. sengihnampakgigi

This Jollibee is located in downtown San Francisco (200 4th St.). We went there last Friday for some "lasang Pinoy" food.

I know that all the food there is not super-fabulous but I don't care. Just give me pancit palabok and "chicken joy" and I'll be happy. Filipinos flock there because it's comfort food for us. There's also a Red Ribbon beside it and that's an added bonus.

I just love ordering food speaking in Tagalog.

Pancit palabok, fries and burger. It feels like I've visited the Philippines. Yey!

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  1. That's very comforting right? when I was in A'dam all I could visit which reminds me of PI is KFC which isn't that Pinoy but almost near, hahahah...Kinahanglan diay ko mag sige Jollibee una diri ug mulargahay ko, hahahah....

  2. fast food is a universal thing. nice pics.....the food looks tasty too!!hope all is well with you and the hub, take good care, jack c

  3. We have a few here in SoCal! Aren't we so lucky? I understand about being nostalgic about our own food!

  4. oh dear !!!! why your palabok there is has more servings than ours :(

    my cultural connection is here

    Great day for us Krazy Kitchen Visitors:)

    Thanx for the Visit :)

  5. I miss Jolibee burger and I'm sooo jealous you also have a RED RIBBON bakeshop nearby. I haven't bought a decent layer cake from a bakeshop around my area in years.*sigh*

  6. Hmmmmm... those photos make me feel hungry. I really love Jollibee products. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing this post.



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