Monday, July 6, 2009



Hi web neighbors! Wondering why I haven't posted anything lately? Well, we went to Illinois to visit hubby's family. I just concentrated on having a good time while on vacation.

As a shutterbug, I have accumulated hundreds of images to share with everyone. To prevent image overload for visiting neighbors, I won't post them all at once. sengihnampakgigi I will share it through the photo memes I'm joining throughout the month.

Here's some of our photos on our flight to Illinois.

Happy and looking forward to spend time with family.

Fantastic view during our flight.

A sculpture in Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
where we had our connecting flight.

Had a yummy lunch of pulled pork sandwich
with Texas-style barbecue sauce at Cousin's Barbeque.

Watching a breathtaking sunset in the skies.

A colorful sky scene minutes before landing
at Champaign - Urbana Willard Airport, Illinois.


  1. Hello, thanks for the visit and for the wonderful comment on my post for Mellow Yellow. You sure had great time on your vacation with the family.. You got nice shots here too..

  2. Hi, I was wondering where you were. I would not miss blogging, specially if visiting with family and friends. It is a nice city and I have not been there, only for a brief stopover. These are beautiful photos and I will look forward to see the rest. P.S. Whenever you are planning to be in our neighborhood, just let us know so we could show you around.

  3. great pictures, glad you had a nice vacation. everybody needs a little r and r on occasion. summer feels like it's finally here and that is wonderful. take care and i''ll see ya around...jack c

  4. The best part about getting away is coming back home:)

  5. That looks like a great trip so far - can't wait to see the rest of the photos! :)

  6. Very nice photos...feels like we were there with you...except for having to stand in line for security!

  7. Love the sunset photos! Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lovely shots of the sky and yeah I've missed your posts...same with tita Ebs, was wondering and thought you might be so busy...

  9. Great set of photos you took, i love the sculpture
    Thanks for the stop over as well

  10. Great shots shared.
    I want a vacation NOW! :)

  11. Thanks a lot for visiting, guys! :)

  12. You are SO lucky you get to travel with JUST your husband....

    I am currently visiting my mother with my kids (husband tucked away safely at home in S.F.) and I am dreading the flight back home on Tuesday!

  13. I don't have kids yet, that's why. heheh. I get to enjoy it for awhile.

    I hope you'll have an enjoyable time visiting your mom.

    I'm still adjusting to your full name, Amanda. I like it! :)


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