Friday, July 10, 2009

Favored Gyros & Deep Dish Pizza

Having Zorba's gyros and Papa Del's pizza is a must/ on top of our list whenever
we visit Champaign. It's located on Green St. near the University Of Illinois.

We immediately had gyros for lunch on our first day.
Classic Gyros (80% beef, 20% lamb), served with
tomato, onion, and cucumber sauce.

Papa Del's is also located on Green Street in Urbana (Champaign), Illinois.

Had Papa Del's deep dish pizza during dinner.
Total YUMMINESS! lapar


  1. We do have a Gyro place here but never had a chance to try it out yet, now that I've seen this, maybe we'll get some these weekend.
    Thanks for joining us and I'm relaly looking forward for more yummy food from you. and I may add, I like your button, so neat and creative.:)

  2. You should, masarap sya. Thanks for the warm welcome ha. :)

  3. Oh my!!My family loves pizza a lot and that Papa Del's deep dish pizza is a delish!!

    Welcome to FTF and nice meeting you here at blogosphere!!^_^Have a great weekend to you and your family!!^_^

  4. I love Gyros! You got my stomach grumbling..

  5. I've never tried this one, wala mani diri sa amoa, hahahah...But I do love pizzas.

  6. Oooppss...shey, join diay didto sa amo sa The Krazy Kitchen ha, naa ko didto gi hostan na meme every Tuesday, Cultural Connections...kabalo naka about culture foods.

  7. Pizza at its best eaten with bare hands!

  8. There you go making me hungry yet again.

    My fridge is empty at the moment except for some baby beets and a six pack of beer...

  9. We love pizza too 'though we never tried this one before hehe ,wala kasi nyan dito.
    Thanks for the visit & dropped some line as you left.:)

  10. Makagutom man ning imong gi-post diri? Which reminds me, since when did I have eaten my last Pizza? Dear me! Pa-import na lang Shey (eats)! lol

  11. Hi Shey, the foods here looks sumptious. :)

    So where's your entry now to the memoirs? I look forward to it.

    Thanks for the visit at my sky watch friday. your comments are very much appreciated.

    Happy Monday!

  12. that pizza is great and that sandwich too

    thanx for visting my site

  13. I haven't tried Gyros yet. Looks delicious!

  14. the deep dish pizza is a winner!!!!


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