Monday, June 15, 2009

Philippine Independence Day Celebration

"Fiesta Filipina USA is an organization that produces various Filipino community events and festivals in the US. Their biggest project is the grandest annual Filipino Festival in the Bay Area, the Philippine Independence Celebration. Their goal is to encourage all Kababayans (Co-Filipinos) to promote and uphold the Filipino cultures and values, so that, eventually, all other communities will learn to appreciate our positive cultures and values."

The stage was right in front of the San Francisco City Hall.
Live music performed by Drop N Harmony.

Checking out the booths.

Yummylicious Filipino food. We had dinuguan,
chicken barbecue with rice and lumpia.

A very relaxing and enjoyable day with kababayans.


  1. Looks like you guys had fun! SO much going on the city this past weekend.

    We were at the Ferry Building enjoying the farmers market and "bumped" into a gaggle of naked people at the park. Not sure what they were doing, but looked like they were having fun too....

  2. looks like a great time, hope all is well in sunny california, bye 4 now...jc

  3. This looked like fun,at least you won't miss our fiests here..

  4. That's a lot of fun! I've read earlier about your dinuguan story (your hubby eats it). We had one here but I did not attend. I have not seen SFO city hall building, but what a fine architecture! I am sure you had lots of fun and lots of good food!

  5. @ A: I agree that there's a lot of festivals/ events in the city almost every week. We try to go as much as we can.

    Ooohh! Really? That would have been a good photo-op moment. hehehe. I bet they were having fun. :)

    @ jackc50: Yes, we did. The weather channel said that the sun will be coming out more in the coming days. That's great news for us since I want to go to the beach. Thanks Jack!

    @ peachkins : It was fun. Anything to ease our yearning for Filipino gatherings and food. It's still different pag nasa Pinas.

    @ Ebie: Yes, he does love dinuguan. I'm lucky he loves a lot of Filipino food. Talagang maganda ang SFO city hall. I will post more photos of it later on.

    @ tigerfish: Definitely, lots of fun activities here in SFO!

    Thanks for coming by , all you guys! Have a great week! :)

  6. It's great to see the Philippine Fiesta being enjoyed in the US. Thanks for sharing these festive shots.


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