Monday, June 15, 2009

Filipino Fiesta

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More photos from the Philippine Independence Day Celebration
organized by Fiesta Filipina USA at the Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco.

Comedians from the Philippines. Ray Kilay is wearing a light blue
and pink ensemble. They said other Filipino celebrities like Richard
Gomez and Lucy Torres
would be there later on but we didn't wait
for them. I was mostly there for the Filipino food. (hehehe)

Eating time!

Plenty of choices. MMMmmmm..

Sol M. Manaay is the author of "The Magic Pond".

Guys in hula costumes. Very colorful.

Search for the best breakdancer.



  1. Ang saya naman jan. Nakakatuwa naman na kahit wala kayo sa Pinas ay pinagdiriwang nyo ang ating kalayaan. THanks for sharing.

  2. That must have been a fun day out. Great weather, good food and varied entertainment. What more can you want?

  3. @ Lawstude: OO nga. We get by kasi nakakamiss ang Pinas lalo na mga pagkain. Salamat din sa pagbisita.

    @ chrome3d: Definitely, It was a fun day!
    Thanks for coming by.

  4. That looks like a gala time.

  5. So nice that you posted these of the more caenal festivities. Someone else did the more official celebratons.
    All that food makes me hungry!

  6. i've heard so much about pampanga's foods. wanna try them someday.


  7. We never celebrated fiesta at home, but I know what fun it could be. Hala kaon na ta! Gutom ko da....

  8. That must have been a fun-filled gathering.


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