Friday, June 19, 2009


Cottony clouds reflected in a building at Old Oakland.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Filipino Fiesta

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More photos from the Philippine Independence Day Celebration
organized by Fiesta Filipina USA at the Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco.

Comedians from the Philippines. Ray Kilay is wearing a light blue
and pink ensemble. They said other Filipino celebrities like Richard
Gomez and Lucy Torres
would be there later on but we didn't wait
for them. I was mostly there for the Filipino food. (hehehe)

Eating time!

Plenty of choices. MMMmmmm..

Sol M. Manaay is the author of "The Magic Pond".

Guys in hula costumes. Very colorful.

Search for the best breakdancer.


Philippine Independence Day Celebration

"Fiesta Filipina USA is an organization that produces various Filipino community events and festivals in the US. Their biggest project is the grandest annual Filipino Festival in the Bay Area, the Philippine Independence Celebration. Their goal is to encourage all Kababayans (Co-Filipinos) to promote and uphold the Filipino cultures and values, so that, eventually, all other communities will learn to appreciate our positive cultures and values."

The stage was right in front of the San Francisco City Hall.
Live music performed by Drop N Harmony.

Checking out the booths.

Yummylicious Filipino food. We had dinuguan,
chicken barbecue with rice and lumpia.

A very relaxing and enjoyable day with kababayans.

Friday, June 12, 2009

World Wide Web

I haven't been posting regularly since I cleaned and rearranged our bookshelves. I've discovered plenty of unread books and have been going through most of it whenever I got the chance. At the moment, I'm mesmerized with Charles De Lint's Newford characters. I got hooked on it (years before and more so now), that I even forget to go online sometimes or don't go through my recent photographs. (Shocking for a shutterbug!)

Charles de Lint's Newford is a fictional North American city, the setting in many of his urban fantasy stories. He writes about the presence of magic and mysterious beings in a contemporary setting. It's not all riddled with fairytale stories and happily-ever-afters but it mostly relates the struggle of individuals in the modern world; the choices they make and the mysteries that may or may not surround us. It just depends on how you perceive the world. So, if you're into sci-fi or modern fantasy genre, his books are for you.

I'm reading "Spirits in the Wires" right now and it talks about the world wide web and the internet. This reminded me of how thankful I am that we have this medium to enable us to communicate with anyone and everyone in all corners of the world. This is the reason why I'm online now. I decided to allocate time for my other hobbies too, and that includes blogging.

The internet never fails to amaze me every time I talk to my family in the Philippines or connect with friends (like you) that I've crossed paths in this cybernetic road. The world in the tips of our fingers: feels like magic to me.

A pretty princess: my niece.

Chatting during my birthday.

My best friend and her cutie-pie son. Also during my birthday.

Chika-chika with my beautiful sister and loving mom.
Me and hubby with big smiles (below).