Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good For The Soul

May 9

Light on our feet & smiles in our heart.
It's the beginning of a new day.

Do things that's good for the soul:

ros Stop to appreciate small colorful wildflowers.

ros Smile often.

ros Nourish our body with our favorite food in Pho Hoa.

ros Bask in the warmth of a sunny day with an IPA at Jupiter's.

ros Delight in the beauty of spring.

ros Watch a movie: Wolverine. senyum

ros Smell the flowers.

ros Witness the colorful hues in the sky.

ros Spend quality time with the one you love.

ros Let your eyes feast in a sky concert.

ros Live simply
within your means,
laugh loudly,
say "I Love You" often
and mean it.

ros Be present in the moment,
be satisfied,
be thankful.
Pleasures big and small
are good for the soul. ros


  1. wonderful post.....wonderful. what a great way to spend the day...take good care, jack c

  2. Hi. First time here. :)

    I agree with these things. They're really good for us.

  3. Thanks Jack! Have an super fab week! :D

    Thanks also to Dee for stopping by. :)

  4. I love the poetic flow and the pictures of God's beautiful creation.

  5. hi shey. so what's the occasion? uy, congrats ulet. hehe.

  6. i wish i was doing all of these fabulous things right now! :)

  7. A very nice post. My motto: live, give and shop! Have a nice week!

  8. Sounds like the perfect type of day... and knowing how to fully enjoy it!


  9. I enjoyed this. Shey, you are beautiful inside and out. Thanks for brightening our world.


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