Sunday, May 3, 2009

Empanada Smile to Blowing Bubbles

Yesterday, we were invited to a send-off party for our friends who were moving to Oregon. So I decided to make some empanada for them.

The empanada smile.

Yummy beef empanadas with cheese and veggies.
I promise to share the recipe on a different post.

At the BART station, waiting for our Fremont ride.

It was a cold day because Mr. Sun
was busy elsewhere in the U.S.
I still see beauty in the skies.
(Photos taken while on a train ride)

At least the flowers were still out
in its colorful & beautiful attire.

Had a satisfying Mountain Mike's veggie
(artichokes & mushrooms) pizza
in our friend's car.

The pretty lady in the middle (above) is moving
to Oregon with her man.
Chit-chats with friends.

The ladies below both have ankle sprains. They deemed
that he was an appropriate substitute
to rest their aching feet on.

Gorgeous Red Riding Hood. senyum

More yummy indulgence below.
My hubby said the empanada was a sell-out by the end of the night. (He's biased when it comes to my cooking.) sengihnampakgigi

This lovely church organ was obtained free of charge by our friends from Craigslist. (Lots of free neat stuff you can find there.) They said it's too bulky for them to take this. We have no space in our apartment & we don't know how to play the organ or piano, so we didn't get it. If anybody lives in Fremont and wants it, just contact me. It's totally free and still plays beautifully.

Warming up by the fire (below) and telling more stories.

My favorite activity that evening: blowing bubbles!
Hubby took these cool action shots.

Rainbow bubbles! senyum

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  1. What a bubbly weekend you have! Your empanada looks good, and it looks like you baked it? Looking forward to your recipe post.

  2. Empanadas and bubbles. Excellent combo!

  3. What a lovely weekend! Your empanada looks delish, no wonder its a sell out!

  4. I haven't eaten empanada and played the organ in ages. Great weekend you had. Happy WS.

  5. That reads like you had a fun weekend. Great shots!

  6. I love that empanada smile. We always do that, too! And seeing the bubbles made me miss my childhood. How I wish we can do that again.

    My Weekend Snapshots are posted here and here. Hope you can check it out, too. May you have a great new week ahead of you.

  7. Wow, empanadas are surely one of the filipinos' fave. Definitely love it too. Bisaya pud diay ka? asa kagikan? Anyway, I have a friend in Fremont, he's a music lover and am not just sure he'd want the piano, lots of instruments in his apartment na. hahahah...

  8. I just realized one of the reasons I adore your blog-- your descriptions and photos of "hanging out" with friends. I've never routinely hung out with a group, I guess it's just not in my personality. But I've admired those that enjoy doing this. I can see how it adds a richness to life.

  9. I love your photos...that last one with the bubbles...tooo cool! Looks like a super fun time...mmmmmm...empanada, yumyum.

  10. Great looking food and colour in the nature images

  11. Artichoke and mushroom pizza sounds yummy.

  12. Hanging out with friends is just the best. I only give them crisps and wine, though, so I think I might need your recipes ....

  13. Looks like it was a successful (and yummy) send off. I'll be looking forward to that empanada recipe:)

  14. that's some cosy company you have there.

  15. Yummy!!! SOunds like a wonderful time! Beautiful organ!!

    And as usual your pics are beautiful!


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