Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday To Us!

May 31 is my and hubby's birthday! Yes, we have the same birthdays! How cool is that? Ultra cool. That way, I get to remember his birthday and vice versa.

We planned to have a picnic but the weather wasn't that good. So, we decided to go to Berkeley instead, had lunch in Pho Hoa and watched a movie.

Warm noodles for long life.

We watched Terminator: Salvation at Shattuck Cinemas.

The cinema was built in 1988 and operated by Landmark since 1994. It features an eclectic mix of Hollywood favorites, foreign language cinema and independent film.

They have beautiful walls with amazing detail inside the theater.
I couldn't resist taking a photo of it after the movie ended.

The cashier was kind enough to take a photo of the Geminis.

Stopped by to have an ice-cream. It just opened,
so they had a dollar-per-scoop promo.

Off to our favorite hang-out: Jupiter's.

Then we went home to relax further and prepared our birthday dinner.

Grilled steak, sweet corn, shrimps and lumpia. Surf and turf.

Our birthday cakes and cards from each other and friends.
I used a tablecloth with rabbits on it because we're Geminis
both born in the year of the rabbit.

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hubby has a blueberry muffin cake while
I had a german chocolate cake with coco caramel.

It was totally fun! Woohoo!


We were invited to a birthday party.

When we arrived at the location, it seemed like
we were transported to a magical place.

Roses and cherry blossoms in full bloom, different kinds of plants I can't name
but equally fascinating, a towering pine tree and a majestic redwood tree.
WOW! Right in the heart of an urban location. I'm in awe.

Of course, the shutterbug couldn't resist capturing all these beauty.
For more photos, click here.

Reminds me of Charles de Lint books were you can sense magic
in contemporary times. Someday, I want to live in a place like this.

Deliciousness laid out in the table. I made the lumpia that's in the middle.
I will post the recipe next time.

YUMMINESS all around!

One friend brought venison. I was so excited to try it since it was my first time.
It was hhhmmm, good. Tasted like lamb, in my opinion.

This is the birthday celebrant's amazing set-up in the patio. We watched
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men and another fan-produced film.
They were decent films and fun to watch.

Ta da! The birthday celebrant.
Happy Birthday!

Watching sci-fi movies. I like our crowd!

Birthday celebrant with his childhood friend,
who owns the beautiful & magical location.

It was getting cold outside, so we transferred to the living room.

Carving the venison. He hunted it himself. Cool!

Fun crowd!

We enjoyed hanging out with them and didn't realize that time passed by quickly. We were stuffed and happy. We got to bring home some food with us too. Awesome! Felt like I went to a Filipino fiesta.

Thanks a lot to the birthday celebrant and our new acquaintances.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Asian Heritage Street Celebration

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"The Asian Heritage Street Celebration is organized by the AsianWeek Foundation in cooperation with over 150 organizations in the local and Asian American community. It is the largest outdoor gathering of Asians in America and features arts and crafts vendors, two stages for live performances, carnival rides, import car show, kickboxing ring, Asian food vendors and more." -

"The goal of the AHSC is to promote and foster pan-Asian Pacific American identity by bringing together communities and encouraging dialogue and sharing of diversity." -

Filipino stalls.
We bought sinigang mix since hubby loves pork sinigang.

Yummy Filipino food. Had chicken adobo and pork barbecue with rice for lunch.

Posed for memento.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gorgeous Gift


Huh! An angry flower fairy?

Nah! It's a gorgeous gift from our friend, Darrell.

Still looking up if it's a Miltonia orchid or Miltoniopsis.

That's Darrell, the gift giver.

So thoughtful! I love the drawing of butterflies and ladybugs in the envelope.

Displayed at home with the Phalaenopsis he also gave us last Christmas.


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