Sunday, April 26, 2009

Like a Secret Garden


I love flowers and even if I'm not very familiar with all of their names, I capture their beauty as often as I can. My favorite flower snapshot of the day often ends up as my background. I think I've changed my background 3 times this month. For those who come here often, don't be confused. It's still the same ol' me. senyumkenyit But I think I'm keeping the latest template for a long time.

Today, we luckily passed by Sloat Garden Center : 3rd Ave. SF branch.

I felt like I stumbled into a secret garden. (Oh,joy!)

They are so gorgeous! The downside is that I forgot to check their names! I can be a space cadet sometimes. blur So, if anybody of you knows the name of these flowers, please kindly inform me. Thanks!
Update: John said they are called Cinneraria or Cinnerarias. Thanks John!

I will share more flower photos next time. See you then!

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  1. Hi Shey, the pics are beautiful as always! That path with the Japanese Maples does look like a Secret Garden. I love it!

    I'm 99.9% sure the daisy like flowers you asked about are called Cinneraria or Cinnerarias.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. A beautiful secret garden. Lovely photos!


  3. Awesome, John! Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. THANKS! :D

    Thanks also Paz!

  4. Oh gosh, did you buy anything? I used to go there at least once a week when I actually had some outdoor space! Someday I'll have a HUGE garden.....

  5. Hi A! Yes, I did buy one. (I forgot the name, heheh. Will tell you tomorrow.) I don't have a backyard since we live on the 2nd floor but it will have a place in our mini veranda.

    Hope you had a fun birthday! :)

  6. Thanks for creating this blog, full of flower ;) I love it! I love your pictures too. High Quality Photo. Can I have One??? ;)
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  7. i always love purple flowers. thanks for sharing. it brightens my day after a long day at work. so pretty.

  8. A lovely series of beautiful flowers! Your closups are gorgeous! :)

  9. Go ahead, Another Blogger, chose a photo and then tell me which one you like. Please don't forget to link back to me if you post it somewhere, ok.

    I'm glad I helped brighten your day, Mimi.

    Coming from you, VALKYRIEN, that's a huge compliment. Thanks!

    Thanks for visiting, NovaS.

    Happy week to all! :)

  10. A beautiful secret gerden.Very beautiful flowers.
    Great photos!

  11. Thank you for taking me to that secret garden I love seeing all the flower and good that you got the name.

    Maria Berg, MB Sweden

  12. Thanks for visiting, Kazu & Maria! :)

  13. i love your flowers here...very lovely...thanks for the visit..feel free to visit here;
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  14. Indeed, a beauty, especially the different shades of the blooms. I specially love the detail of the light purples. Great macro.

  15. What a lovely garden, and beautiful photographs. Thank you so much for sharing them.


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