Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hello all! Just wanted to let my blogger friends and neighbors know that I will be on blogging hiatus for 2 weeks. I have to finish some important matters that I've left out too long. That means I won't be here to visit your sites, check on your interesting stories and leave my comments. I will try to catch up with you as soon as I get back. Rest assured, I will miss all of you. nangih

Before going, I would like to share my day with you. We spent our Easter Sunday at the SFO zoo and had a fabulous time watching the animals and enjoying the scenery.

I will share more next time! Happy day to all! senyum


  1. Great photos, they are very lovely!! Take Care..and hope you can pop in sometime within the two weeks :P

  2. We spent our Easter at a zoo too! Lots of people had the same idea. It was a nice alternative way to spend the day.
    Two weeks should give me time to catch up on some of your older posts. You have such a positive outlook, I enjoy checking in.

  3. hope all is well with you, look forward to reading you again. make the most of the time off...jack c

  4. Aww, now another minus 1 from the people who visit my blogs every time I update LOL. 2 weeks is too long but that's alright, just don't forget to come back LOL.

    That lion really looks angry.

  5. Hope you're having a good blog break. Will miss your photos. I like the giraffes best in this collection.

  6. Shey really nice and good looking blog, hope to see more good stuff from u in future.

    take care and keep blogging.

  7. Looking forward to trying your Hot Rice recipe.Sounds soo good.

  8. Enjoy your time away...


  9. Hope you get everything squared away during your two week break!

    It was fun to see the pictures at the zoo, we lived in Walnut Creek for six years and were in SF a lot but somehow never made it to the zoo. As we were preparing to move I told my husband we should've gone over there.

    We went to the San Diego Zoo so I think he thought nothing could compare to that so why bother. Now that we have a toddler we frequent zoos all the time and it would've been nice to more to compare.

  10. So sad, I just found you and now I have to wait 2 weeks for more. I'll be back later, well 2 weeks!


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