Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chores + Relaxation

I have been busy lately, so my posts are not up to date. Anyways, I still wanted to share and upload photos which I took last Sunday.

This was the day we had to do chores: one of them is the dreaded laundry. Although I like the accessibility of our apartment, the one thing lacking is a washer and dryer. Oh, well. It's just something we've got to deal with until we can move to a better place. With the economy troubles, who knows when that will be? Maybe when I get a good job or win the lottery! senyum

At least we're not washing our clothes by hand. That's what I did when I was still in the Philippines, living in the dormitory when I was in college. The laundromat wasn't popular at that time because it was too expensive.

Just finished drying me....ah, the clothes I mean. sengihnampakgigi

But the happy thing about doing laundry in Berkeley is that we got to hang out at Meridian. It's this new pub right across the street that caters to sports fan as evidenced by their windscreen televisions.

They have an area crammed with books and a fireplace. The cushioned seats are so comfortable it almost feels like home, --- almost. Except the part where you get to pay the bill. (hehehe)

They have a selection of ales that my man loves and their food is oh so...served delicately like you were in a fancy & expensive place. Their plating is superb, you'd hesitate to mess it up. That's why we had our Valentine's dinner there, but that's another story. I'm just remembering what we ate and I got carried away. sengihnampakgigi

Charcuterie Assortment: prosciutto, salami and other sausages.

Delicious and hearty: Braised Oxtail and Potato Gnocchi Stew.

When the laundry was done, we headed off to watch "Monsters vs. Aliens". We had a lot of laughs. It's cool that they featured San Francisco, so we had fun trying to point out familiar places.

Not a tiring day at all even if we did our laundry because we got to relax too. What about you, do you like doing laundry? What chores don't you like doing or would try to postpone as much as possible?

Stay cool and keep smiling!



  1. Goodness, I didn't realise that doing the laundry could actually be such fun! Glad you had a great day! Warm wishes to you, Vxx

  2. That picture of you is sooo CUTE! I despise laundry but have to do at least one load a day because of my messy boys:) Yuck!

  3. Some Filipinos, especially those in the squatter areas still wash clothes by their hands. So their hands are affected by the different chemicals. It's sad.

    hey, I like Meridian! It looks so cozy! Cool that you guys can hang around in there after doing the laundry!

    I have yet to watch Monsters Vs. Aliens. I'm craving for something animated right now!

    I don't do the laundry LOL. That's probably the chore I hate most.

  4. Cute pics! We took our son to see Monsters VS. Aliens. Wasn't a great movie, but it did provide some laughs.

  5. I was just waxing nostalgic the other day about having to go out to the laundromat while in college. Life was so hectic balancing classes, studying and 2-3 part-time jobs, but for a couple hours every week, I was mellowed by pretty scents of detergents and softeners, warmth from the dryers and rhythmic sounds from wash and dry cycles. I usually brought a book to read, but I just was so relaxed and free of distraction that I just zoned and stared out the windows. Laundry as meditation, I guess. Now I just run down to the basement, throw my clothes in the machine and then get right to the other 100 to-do's on my list. I was actually tempted to take my wash to the laundromat, but, I thought, what kind of crazies might I run into there? Hmmmmm. Maybe crazies like me.

  6. who needs laundry as an excuse by the look of the Pub I would go there any way..:)

  7. oh getting tipsy while doing laundry sounds pretty good! i used to have to go to the laundromat in hollywood every weekend. it drove me out of my MIND. lots of homeless and creepy times would give grief. but there was a good chinese restaurant next door, so that was nice. :)

  8. That bar looks like a cool place to hang out. I love places like that. Saturday afternoons ... Sunday afternoons ... any afternoon, come to think of it.

  9. oh cleaning in general. the food at the restaurant looks wonderful.....are you a good cook? hope you are enjoying the week, take care, jack

  10. I do not like doing laundry...but I love when it's done! I need a laundry person!:-)

    Have a great night!


  11. I usually try and postpone laundry as long as possible which usually means one or more of us walking around naked.

    That stew looked amazing by the way.

  12. @ Veronica: It is, if you make it so. Thanks! Warm wishes back.

    @ Marie: *blush* Thank you! It sounds like you have more laundry than me. :D Maybe I'll know the feeling when I have kids in the future.

    @ Halfcrazy: I know, it's sad. Oh, well.

    It's really cozy there, one time I almost fell asleep. That was after eating a large lunch. hehe

    I love animation but this one is not as good. But there's a load of laughs there too.

    @ Digital Fortress: Thanks! I think so too. I can't exactly pinpoint why it wasn't that good as the others but one thing is that it doesn't give you that good feeling you get after watching a movie you totally enjoyed. Like "Wall-e" for example, that gave me a huge smile after viewing it.

    @ C.J Keller: When I do the laundry alone, I also bring a good book with me. It's kind of a meditation too as long nobody throws you weird looks or approaches you with their supposedly "sauve" lines. EEkkk! :(

    @ sunriselover: I know! Of course we also go there on non-laundry days and bring our books or watch football.

    @ drollgirl:Yup! Oh, I know what you mean. We have lots of characters in Berkeley too. That's why it's better to wait in a pub or restaurant. Good to know you found one too at that time.

    @ Fran: Yep! Really nice to just relax in there.

    @ jackc50: I'm a bit obsessive- compulsive when our place starts looking like a pigsty, so the clutter doesn't stay for long periods. :D My hubby and friends say I am, so maybe I am a good cook. hahaha :D

    @ Tanielle: I agree! It does give you a good feeling when it's done though. hehehe. Laundry person: I'll come over, just feed me cake and chocolate. hehehe.

    @ A: LOL! =)) Was that your husband I saw in San Francisco with no shirt this morning? Tsk tsk. (hehehe)


  13. I do not like doing laundry, although I do remember doing it all the time at laundromats in younger days, and I'm thankful I have the equipment in my house. It's in the basement, and there are some icky spiders down there sometimes. :) Fun post about making a chore day fun.

  14. Hi sallymandy! Seems a lot of us don't like doing chores. (hehehe) It's good though that you have your own washer/dryer.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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