Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brother Wind’s Voice

I’m brother wind’s voice
a channel for his musings
over peoples, lives, events
from far and wide meanderings

here he comes, richly filled
with stories and fancies to tell,
now I’m spinning and chiming
of tales remembered very well

come, hear his stories all
be still, be silent as I sing
listen to melodies as I weave
the story he's imparting

© Shey

Thematic Photographic 47 - Musical

(Hosted by Written Inc.)


  1. hey sister wind, nice poem. you spin a nice tale, be good....jack c

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  3. Hi Shey, great ideas (we have a bunch of wind chimes as well) and great title for the group. I love the first with the keys and looking at them makes me long for the breeze.
    mine is here

  4. i enjoy wind chimes. they are very soothing. i like the sound of bamboo chimes. have you heard one? feeling ko kasi i'm in a forest eh. :)

  5. I love key one at the top! I bet it sounds lovely.

  6. I love wind chimes and have no neighbours so they don't bother anyone.

  7. Your poem is beautiful. The sound of windchimes is one of the loveliest sounds to be heard.

  8. Nice -- good take on the Theme!! I like your windchimes.

  9. Thanks guys!

    Yes, I love wind chimes esp. those made with wood. They just make the loveliest sounds. :)

  10. I love windchimes! All different ones with mixed in with eachother is verl melodious!!! I love to just sit there and listen - closing my eyes and feeling the breeze and listening...

  11. I hope I'm not duplicating my comment.

    Your choice of wind chimes is perfect -- Love hearing mine in the wee hours of the morning.

  12. Perfect! Thanks for stopping by to visit :-)

  13. nice! i could imagine the soft sound coming from the chimes. relaxing... :)

  14. windchimes i find are so soothing to listen to in the early morning or at the end of the day. there is a comfort in the simple gift they offer.
    beautiful pictures here....and love the flower background.

  15. beautiful poem.


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