Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birds in Flight

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It was a beautiful day when we went to the SF zoo last Easter Sunday. I saw these birds (seagulls) in flight when we were outside the Leaping Lemur Cafe. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

Then I felt something warm on my forehead.

I asked my hubby to check it out. He burst out laughing! You guessed right, it was bird poop! I said, "Eekkk! Please wipe it out." "Well, not until we have 'evidence' to show my friends", I added. gelakguling

Wads of tissue, water & soap made me feel better. I didn't want any of the smell to linger. I'm glad it wasn't a huge goop or I would have headed home immediately and taken a shower. Imagine if I had my mouth open? fikir Okay, stop.

I wouldn't pay a single dime to pay for a facial spa which has bird poop properties on it. Incredibly , some would! Check out these links:

This one has a hilarious video about it. hah New Facial Treatment Geisha Bird Poop Facial
Facial with bird excrement takes flight at New York spa
Natural cosmetics: $200 for a bird poop facial



  1. this is great, you have taken those birds perfectly well.. your a pro!

  2. hahahaah...that is sooo funny.. the experience might be hilarious.. i love those birds in the sky... good job

  3. At least it wasn't in your hair!

  4. Ha, yes, good thing you did not have your mouth open. I imagine the poop landed in one of the better places it could have. A little lower and you may have gotten some in the eye. A little higher, and you'd have it in your hair.

  5. when you enlarge the shot it is amazing as you see the gulls in different positions in for the present they left biggie.

  6. Great how to see the birds in the picture! ! !
    Well done!

  7. Haha and a bite :-O (had to trie a smilie...).
    Lovely shot of the birds!

  8. +)) That is hysterical! What a terrific shot by both you and the bird. Sorry... couldn't help myself. I always worry about that same thing happening when birds fly over. Great day for a trip to the zoo from the looks of it! How do you have emoticons in blogger?!

  9. What a fun story (oops - sorry ;)) )! And the photo is simply "wow"! Love the birds - that is a lot of birds! And you captured them so well!

  10. That first picture is amazing!! I love it!

  11. The first beautiful picture was surely worth a bit of poop? ;;) And we're all enjoying the story (and the second photo which you so generously posted as well.

  12. @ Supernova: Thanks for the compliment. I'm not yet a pro but still practicing. Thanks anyway. ;))

    @ Angels: I'm glad you enjoyed it as I did. heheh :D

    @ barb & Bryan: I know! I'm still lucky.

    @ P-TER, Dagrun, VALKYRIEN & Esther: Thanks guys! I'm happy that I got the shot too. It was over so fast. I'm glad I had my camera on.

    @ Dewdrop: hahaha. =)) I'm glad I made you laugh. It was funny too, I thought.
    As for the smileys. Here's my post on how to imbed it:

    Blogger Bells and WhistlesHave fun with them!

    @ Erin & Bim: Thanks! Some even said that it's good luck when a bird poops on you. I know I am when it comes to my husband. :D

    Thanks for coming by, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed my post!

  13. Yuck, lucky you did not cop a full load, its like can of paint tipped on your head, I'v seen it happen on parade where a captain had his newly drycleaned uniform voluminously christened.
    Flying in the ske they look really nice though.

  14. Fantastic perspective! Beautiful picture!

  15. Seagulls and pidgeons should like these jokes. In an old movie, in the 1930's Jean Gabin described a nasty day a the day when one buys a new cap and gets bird poo on it "Le jour se lève".

  16. That is a superb shot - the birds are amazing, though I think I'd find it a bit spooky if I was underneath.

  17. The glass is half full point of view: Maybe it was the sea gull of happiness shooting the poop with you. OK, I tried.

  18. Eww!! Totally gross, but so hilarious. I love the photo of the birds. Beautiful!

  19. @ Arija, Pouty Lips, Billie: Yikes! You're right, I'm glad I didn't get a load of it. :)

    @ J Bar, vincibine, Deslilas, Nat@ London: Thanks guys! :D

  20. least it was only a dab right? I've seen quite a large amount land on someone's head, all over their hair and not very, very stinky. yuck.
    super cute photo!


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