Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Watching Shadows and Light

We just had a power outage that lasted for an hour. It's my first since moving here last year. We were disheartened at first because it happened during dinner. My husband quickly recovered and said, "Well, I always planned for a candlelight dinner." That made me smile and enjoyed the soft flickering lights of the candles throughout our meal. After dinner, the shutterbug in me couldn't resist taking photos.

Here are the shots I've captured while watching shadows and light.

This is the view from our kitchen sink overlooking the BART Station's parking lot. We're pretty close to it as you can see. It's obvious that their power grid wasn't affected. The power outage started from our block onwards, opposite this area.

By the way, on the foreground is an outline of a lucky bamboo plant placed on the windowsill.

Soft light from our scented candles.

Below: I used a flashlight on this one.

My magnetic butterfly collection.

A colorful blown glass oil lamp.

When electricity returned, we had our favorite treat: Girl Scouts' chocolate thin mint cookies and milk! MMMMMMM!


  1. nice one... u like poems.. vey nice.... our interests are same... visit mine... u will like it....

  2. That's wonderful Shey, for the two of you to make a good thing out of a not so good thing. It's amazing the power of a different way of looking at things.

    Beautiful pics.

  3. you made a hiccup ( the power outage ) into a wonderful post. love the pics

  4. Thanks all you guys for visiting. Indeed it turned into a great night. :D

  5. BART!!! I used to live in the east bay, so i know all about BART! i sure wish we had something like that in southern california (we have some stuff, but nothing that great).

    glad you enjoyed the evening, sans electricity. and your man sounds like a romantic, which is just fab!!!

  6. BART is really awesome. It's easy to go to places without driving your car.

    Yes he is a romantic. That makes me super duper loved and happy.

    Thanks, drollgirl!

  7. Really cool photos. What a fun time out of an irritating one!

    Have a great day!

  8. oh i always do this pag lights off, wala lang i like to take candle lights :)

  9. Have a great day too, Tanielle!


    Salamat sa pagbisita, Nash!

  10. Neat photos! Isn't it amazing how candlelight (or flashlight) can change everything? I love your magnetic butterflies! What a great collection to have! And thanks for the visit to my blog -- it is much appreciated! ;;)

  11. Oh, how romantic! You have BART, we have Metro Subway, how convenient for us!

  12. Way to take advantage of something bad like a power outage to take some cool pictures. :)

  13. Jenners- Thanks a lot! It does make a difference. It's soft and dreamy.
    I like collecting magnets esp. butterflies, so thanks!

    Enjoyed visiting your page and will keep following you.

    Ebie- Thanks goodness for public transportation. YAY convenience!

    Digital Fortress-Thanks a lot for the kind comment! :D

  14. Nice candle photos! And who can resist Thin Mints?? I have to stay away from those things; they're dangerous!

    Thank you for the visit to my blog. Have a nice Thursday.

  15. I know, they are absolutely yummy. 8-}

    Have a nice Thursday too, sallymandy!

  16. Your pictures are awesome! I am also loving the background of your blog!!


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