Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quotes That Inspire

I love reading inspiring quotes, poems and motivational books. It's such a comfort knowing we're not alone and what we're experiencing at a certain moment, is also being experienced or had been experienced by other people. That there's hope; that we can overcome whatever trails or frustrations we have; emerge as a winner: stronger & happier as a person. We might not know it yet or believe it but it will come and be revealed to us. Just don't stop believing in yourself.

An inspiring quote can really reinforce a good feeling and helps me get through my tasks. That's why I added "quote for the day" in my page. I wasn't quite satisfied with it because I wanted it to be more motivational. I searched for one in Google gadgets but I didn't know how to sift through a particular gadget and look for the HTML code.

Finally, I found one which I liked! I'm particularly overjoyed that the quotes also shows wonderful photos every time it changes.

There's a link, "Click here for success tip" at the bottom that leads you to Dr. Fernando's site: "Practical Inspiration For Achieving Your Life Goals".

This is what I read today:
When your motivation is low, instead of saying:

"I just don't feel like doing this today!"

Develop the habit of saying:

"I just don't feel like doing this today BUT I will do it anyway!"

Isn't that just moving?

Thanks to this site: widget-flood. It's a Google gadget but the HTML code was there, ready to be shared and copied. I just tweaked the width a bit, so it can be accommodated in one of the columns. If anyone of you wants the same widget, here's the HTML code.

To add it: Highlight code, Copy, then "Customize" your blog, "add a gadget" using HTML/ Javascript and paste code. For those who decide to add it, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying it now. Happy day to all!



  1. Shey,
    Great inspirational quotes. I took the widget and will post on my blog. I'll give you credit. Did you see the piano I posted on my profile? I got it from a 13 year old boy's website. Very cool! I have a lot of writing quotes that I collected. I should start posting them too.:) You always give me new ideas.:)

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing

  3. Very inspiring. Thanks for posting that.

  4. great stuff.....one of my favorites is ''foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds'' take good care and i love your blog....very nice, jack c........ps. that quote was by emerson

  5. @ lionmother: I'm glad you liked the widget. If you have questions on the width and height, just ask me and I will tell you how to tweak it to your liking, in case you want to use it.

    @Alyssa Ast: Thanks! and You're welcome!

    @ Digital Fortress: I'm glad you were inspired! You're also welcome.

    @ Jackc50: Aw, thanks for visiting today. Nice quote!
    Will keep on posting relevant stuff to keep you interested. Take care too!

    @ Together We save: You're very welcome. Thanks for visiting! :)

  6. Ooooooooh! That IS a neat widget! Great choice!

  7. Hello and a nice day to you!

    I saw your images and it seemed like it was taken from a camera. If you want a cleaner shot of your monitor, try using the key "Prt Sc" on your keyboard. Press that button when you are in the website, etc. you want to get a picture, and it goes automatically to your clipboard. Open Paint, (Windows) or other application for editing images and paste it there. Then, crop that picture to show only the thing you want. Just sharing ideas! ;)

  8. From the quotes you posted, Mother Teresa's quote is the one I admire the most! I just love her quotes!

    I get quotes from the books I read, movies and songs!

  9. @Marie Reed: It is! Makes me happy. Thanks! :)

    @Kid on a Modern World: Thanks for the tip! I will definitely do that next time. I'm learning a lot. :D

    @Halfcrazy: Same here. She was always so giving and ready to help other people.

  10. hey shey, you like poetry? check out my ode to spring a few blogs back. i read your poem on spring, very nice...jack c

  11. @ Jackc50: Yes, I do! I manage to spew some lines now and again. hehehe. I'm going to check your poem now. Thanks for reading.


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