Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

My hubby and I joined Earth Hour 2009.

We had wine and played scrabble by candlelight. It was fun except for the part where I lost the game this time. sedih Unlucky draw of the tiles. Oh, well. Got to have a rematch soon!

Of course, observance of Earth Hour has sparked a controversy. The real question is its real effectiveness and impact.

I think it's a start. It's a reminder to turn off the lights when you're not using it; to properly dispose our garbage; rethinking our commute; recycling things; etc. The list goes on.

I think that coming together like this will inform peoples of the world that future generations won't enjoy what nature has to offer today, if we don't take care of it. Awareness is the beginning.


  1. I love the new sring blog look! It's just beautiful! Scrabble by candlelight sounds sooo romantic!

  2. i am glad that you were for earth hour,i guess we should not be doing in once a year,you should instead doing it once a week or even once a day, i am all for conserving the earth and green the earth

  3. Ha! I know you can get back at him for beating you at Scrabble! I love Scrabble but I'm not too lucky with letters!

    Our household participated in Earth Hour too! I did a pretty short take on my blog about it if you wanna check it out! :)

  4. Great to know you have such a good time with your hubby !

  5. awww...this looks so romantic and fun! candles are so pretty, especially these ones! I love the lighting candles create.

  6. I agree with you.

    I didn't get to observe Earth Hour this year (I was out), but it was a lot of fun last year. My friends and I told stories and giggled on the floor in our dark dorm room.

  7. What a fun evening - we love candlelight. Even spaghettios taste better by its glow.


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  8. My husband beats me at Scrabble every time, not because he can spell or has a good vocabulary (that's supposed to be me) but because he is good at strategy and I'm rubbish - I can only plan one move at a time. Very frustrating. We haven't tried candlelit Scrabble yet, though. Perhaps in the dark I could steal his best tiles ...

  9. shey, you like fishing and scrabble? time beat him, its more fun..heehee....nice blog, do u mind if i follow? eake care, jc........

  10. Marie: Yes, it was romantic and definitely fun.

    eugene: Same here! We should be conscious of saving energy everyday.

    Halfcrazy: I know, I will be him next time. :)

    Truelove: Thanks!

    clorivak: I had fun taking pictures of it too.


  11. Yeah, statistics show that girls are better than guys when it comes to this so raise our flag! :P

  12. Cuilean: Thanks! Visited you and rated your friends' vids.

    Linda: I like eating and playing scrabble in candlelight now. Most of all, I love taking photos. Very dreamy.

    Fran: I agree, you have to be a really good strategist when playing scrabble. Rematch! :)

    Jackc50: Sure follow, we can be blog neighbors that way.

    Thanks for dropping by my page today!

  13. @ Halfcrazy: There you go! :D:D:D

  14. I completely forgot about Earth Hour - glad you didn't! I feel like it's Earth Hour in my house ALL the time though because I constantly follow my husband around turning off lights, computers, etc. Drives him nuts.

  15. wow. this sounds fun! we didn't think of scrabble!

  16. @ A: That's a very good habit of conserving energy. Good for you!

    @ Reena: It was fun! Try it next time. :)

    Thanks for coming today!

  17. I love the unity of it. How wonderful to be united worldwide with love for our planet, looks like you guys had fun:)
    What a pretty thing you are by candle light-even if you didn't win:)


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