Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Thankful For...

I'm joining Kasey's "Friend Makin' Mondays" featuring things we're thankful for. Here's mine.

1. My husband who's very supportive, thoughtful and loving. Someone who's strong for me in times when I'm not.

2. My family and friends who are there for me, through thick or thin.

3. Being alive and healthy to experience a new day.

4. Gardens and the breathtaking views we get to see or discover.

5. My camera which I bring along almost everyday. Storing what I've seen, so I can share it with everybody.

6. Ice cream & Chocolate! Need I say more?

7. Books and the authors who wrote it. They share so much and we learn from them.

8. Music and musicians who can somehow interpret and resonate what's in our hearts.

9. My computer and the web because some of my friends "live" there. I get to keep in touch with my family and friends who are faraway.

10. Fellow Bloggers like you (reading this) whom I can share my thoughts with.


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  1. What a sweet post! The ice cream and chocolate part made me laugh!

  2. hi shey. thanks for following me. :) i hope you visit my blog often. see you around.

    and yes, we have lots to be thankful for. sometimes we do need to remind ourselves of those simple things that make us whole.

  3. Hi Marie! Good morning to you.
    Ice cream and chocolate are essential comfort foods. :D

    -- :)

    You're welcome Reena! Will do.

  4. What a lovely post!!! We all have a lot to be thankful for, it's nice to take time to appreciate what we have!

    Love your blog!!!

    Linzi x x

  5. Thanks Linzi! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Great list. I really liek the colors in your back ground! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for your comments! Im glad he is ok too!!! Love your recipes by the way!!!

    Linzi x x

  8. Great list! Glad you joined in! You take beautiful pics so I'm thankful you take your camera everywhere with you.

    Have a great day!

    P.S. I have bad knees too, and the cold affects mine as well! YUCK!

  9. Great list! You are absolutely beautiful!

    And I LOVE your background on your blog!

  10. Thanks guys!

    Thanks for visiting Kim! :)

    I'm glad you liked my recipes, Linzi. I love sharing them.

    Thanks Tanielle, that will inspire me more to take photos.

    ;;) Aww! *blush* Thanks Yaya.

  11. what a great list! i love books as well. what are your favorite authors?

  12. Thanks AndreaLeigh! There's a long list but mostly I like motivational books, humor, fantasy and sci-fi.

    Have a restful night.


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