Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bowling in Dublin

At Bayfair BART station waiting for the Pleasanton train. It's a beautiful day after the previous rainy weeks.

Had lunch with our friend Gary at Arby's. Eric considers it as his #1 fast food place.

Gary is my friend Cecil's fiance. We hang out sometimes to get to know each other better. He's a good guy.

Bowling at Earl Anthony's Dublin Bowl. The place was packed and I thought we couldn't get a lane. Luckily we did.

Our winning forms.

Pangga & I didn't play for years now so it wasn't a surprise that Gary won. Rematch!

Spring is near. Yellow Spring Bulbs and Calla Lily hybrid.

Taken at Bayfair Mall for a quick perusal of cameras we would like to buy.

Pangga fixed dinner for us. Sotanghon soup with chicken, sausage, mushrooms and other good stuff.

I still have a nasty cold. (Achoo!) Felt a little better after the soup. Thanks Pangga!

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