Friday, March 20, 2009

Adieu, Battlestar Galactica

For all the Battlestar Galactica fans out there, we bid adieu to our favorite TV series. The long running show finally reached its finale. We held our breath for days, debating and wondering if our questions would be answered.

This was such a big night for me and my hubby, who are both fans of the show. We had dinner early, prepared and made ourselves comfortable.

When we watched it, we held hands on crucial moments as the story unfolded and the secrets revealed. I couldn't help crying when Roslin drew her last breath. *sniff* Looking back, I remembered various characters whose death shocked us: Kelly's tragic end and Dualla's suicide, to name a few. This made me cry some more. *sniff*

There were many defining moments for the characters we learned to love and hate. I was moved by Admiral Adama's speech: "Galactica's seen a lot of history, gone through a lot of battles, this will be her last. She will not fail us, if we do not fail her. If we succeed in our mission, Galactica will bring us home. If we don't , it doesn't matter." Then Gaius finally doing a totally selfless act; Hera's blood-tingling rescue; Boomer's final choice; Galen's rage- killing Tory; the divine intervention; Gaius and beautiful Caprica Six reunited; and discovering Kara being an unknowing angel ( I prefer to think of her that way even if she was so frakked up). Finally, I'm totally relieved that Admiral Adama wasn't a Cylon and he got to properly say goodbye to his beloved battlestar.

I feel that the ending was well done, they tied loose ends and showed the characters finding peace. I don't care what others say, that's my opinion. I was glad that Laura Roslin was still alive to see a thriving planet similar to Earth before she died, even if they didn't get to build the cabin yet. We also rejoiced that Helo lived and is sharing the happy moment with Athena and their daughter, Hera. A picture of a happy family. (What's wrong with being an optimist?)

I know that an episode is coming which will show the Cylon's point of view (directed and starred by no less than Edward James Olmos himself) and there's also a comic book spin off, but I still feel good on the way it ended. I didn't get the wretched feeling that I usually get after watching the show. I felt calm and fulfilled for them and that's a good thing.

Battlestar Galactica ensnared our minds and hearts into a roller coaster ride of raw emotions: questions of faith and beliefs, pursuit of political power and human struggles compellingly portrayed and delivered by all actors. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without the awesome CGI effect of space battles and chases. For that, I commend the cast, crew, director and producers. What a frakkin ride!

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  1. So say we all :)

  2. So say we all!

    Thanks for dropping by, whoever might you be. :D

  3. I saw this on your list and had to respond! Hubby and I, also, are fans. First my brother and mother watched it each season (over the years), then brother downloaded and shared the series, as a whole, with me. What fun to watch it in marathon fashion, no waiting, always being fulfilled. Then it ended. Emptiness. Hubby decided to watch as I rewatched my DVDs. THEN, to our pleasure, the last season was on Scifi. We would record on Friday night, and watch together Saturday.

    I, too, am pleased with the ending, not complete, but realistic!
    (I'm looking forward to the spin off also)
    So, I stand with you and say from my heart
    So Say We ALL!!

  4. That's awesome Carla! It's good to know I have a web neighbor who loves it too. WAY COOL!

    Thanks for telling me about your experience with the show. :)


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