Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SF 49ers vs. SL Rams

Nov 16
Went to watch our team play against the Rams today.

Photographers lined up with their power cameras early in the game.

SF 49ers vs. SL Rams.

Touchdown by the 49ers!

Current score: 49ers- 14 & Rams- 3.
49ers going for a 3rd touchdown: 3rd and 1 during the 2nd quarter at 8 mins to go.

Our team just intercepted near the 40 yard line. WOOT! Going for the 4rth touchdown with 3 mins to go at the 2nd quarter.

This time, going for our 5th touchdown with 40 seconds to go before the end of the 2nd quarter!

Rams' fans leaving. Sorry guys.

Scoreboard showing the score: 49ers- 35 & Rams- 3, 34 seconds before the 2nd quarter ends.

The wave started until it reached our section. ROOAARRR!

Young 49er fan.

We left around the middle of the 4rth quarter. The 49ers were starting to goof around with penalties (2 straight false starts) and it was frustrating to watch. We knew we won anyway. Maybe they were tired but I still think they should keep playing well even at the last quarter of the game. But they still did a pretty good job today.

Our team finally got their 3rd win of the NFL season after many disappointing losses. Final score: 49ers- 35 & Rams- 16. Our team didn't score after the first half while Rams got 2 field goals during the 3rd quarter and a touchdown on the 4rth.

The Singletary- Martz duo as head coach and offensive coordinator is making progress with the 49ers team. We might not be winning all the games now but seeing how stronger the team's overall offense and defense tactics at present, there's still successful future ahead of them. Go team!

One sad news of the day though. Our other team, Chicago Bears loss their game today against the GB Packers. *sigh* You win some, you lose some.


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