Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Barack Obama wins!

Nov 5

Followed the election all day through our local news channel. When the electoral votes were counted, I kept calling Pangga, who was with Darrell at Harrington's, to keep him updated on the results. Obama was pulling ahead and when McCain conceded, I told them to watch the news. It was all so exciting!

Barack Obama became the first black President of America. I told Pangga that those Sci-Fi movies featuring a black President is not so "futuristic" anymore. It has finally happened!

When I chatted with Elaine and Christopher online, they were drinking champagne already. A lot of people were out celebrating too. What a heady night.

US president-elect Barack Obama's acceptance speech:

This is one of the headlines in the news the following day: Obama wins historic US election.

A very defining moment indeed!


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