Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dragon Boat Festival

Oct 5

Went to Treasure Island to see the International Dragon Boat Festival. Enjoyed watching the race and the sea breeze. Almost 90 teams were competing in the race.

More photos posted on my Flickr site.

"Dragon boat racing is one of the earliest known forms of boat racing and is celebrated at festivals and races throughout the world. This mythical celebration is a symbol of Chinese culture and spirit and is one of the three largest festivals in China. The roots of dragon boat racing go back over 2,000 years to the southern provinces of China. Dragon boating today is the fastest growing international team water sport. Each year, race festivals are held around the world in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States, one of the largest festivals in the North America is held right here in the San Francisco Bay Area." -http://www.sfdragonboat.com/

James is a Filipino who participates in the dragon boat race. I saw the Filipino flag on his paddle and was happy to know that there were "kababayans" who joined.

We also got our fake dragon tattoos. Much fun!


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