Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fishing at Fremont

Sept 27

Jonnie invited us to go fishing and we're happy to know that it was also the day when anyone can fish without a license. Yay! That worked in our favor.

My Pangga fishing in the pic below. I posted more photos on my Flickr site.

This is my first non- bamboo fishing pole. I'm super excited!

Katy and Jonnie moved to a new apartment on Creekside Village and their backyard is the Quarry Lakes Regional Park! Whoopee!

We crossed the bridge and in the creek below, we saw fishes swimming lazily, probably knows it's safe from us because Jonnie said fishing wasn't allowed in that particular area. Wish it was allowed.

Bestfriends: Pangga & Jonnie. It was such a nice and short walk to Horseshoe Lake.

Putting our bait on the hook. But we didn't catch any fish that day, any fish we brought home was given by Manong Albert.

Manong Albert is a Filipino fisherman who was kind enough to give us a rainbow trout. After giving it to us, he caught another trout a few minutes later. Talk about good karma. He wanted to give us another fish but we were too embarrassed to take it. One is enough.

Took a photo of the rainbow trout.

At least we didn't go home empty-handed. Salamat kababayan!

I baked the fish and rubbed spices on it. We had rice and corn with it. Tasty! I ate the fish-head first (my fave) of course. Happy tummy.


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