Saturday, October 4, 2008

RenFaire Costume

Oct 3

Katy and I planned to see the Renaissance Faire in Gilroy, so she lent us her and Jonnie's old costumes. I have to make my own blouse and this is the finished blouse below. I added small pink flowers on the sleeves as accents.

Posing time! I wore the wreath of flowers and herbs bought by Pangga.

M' Lord, you are handsome!
( I had to alter the pants worn by Pangga here because he's smaller than Jonnie.)

Pa cute. heheh

Gizzards & Sukang Pinakurat

Sept 28

Pangga and I went to the market today because he wanted to make chicken barbecue. When I saw gizzards (batikulon in Bisaya) in the same section, I couldn't resist. I was already salivating at the thought of eating it.

Since Pangga was busy using the grill, I decided to deep fry the gizzards. Kalami!

This is my home-made sukang pinakurat with sili, ginger and garlic. I poured some namit goodness into the chopped batikulon.

Batikulon sisig! Tulo laway.

East meets West. Pangga made chicken barbecue and macaroni salad while I cooked rice and made batikulon sisig. Happy eating gayud!

Fishing at Fremont

Sept 27

Jonnie invited us to go fishing and we're happy to know that it was also the day when anyone can fish without a license. Yay! That worked in our favor.

My Pangga fishing in the pic below. I posted more photos on my Flickr site.

This is my first non- bamboo fishing pole. I'm super excited!

Katy and Jonnie moved to a new apartment on Creekside Village and their backyard is the Quarry Lakes Regional Park! Whoopee!

We crossed the bridge and in the creek below, we saw fishes swimming lazily, probably knows it's safe from us because Jonnie said fishing wasn't allowed in that particular area. Wish it was allowed.

Bestfriends: Pangga & Jonnie. It was such a nice and short walk to Horseshoe Lake.

Putting our bait on the hook. But we didn't catch any fish that day, any fish we brought home was given by Manong Albert.

Manong Albert is a Filipino fisherman who was kind enough to give us a rainbow trout. After giving it to us, he caught another trout a few minutes later. Talk about good karma. He wanted to give us another fish but we were too embarrassed to take it. One is enough.

Took a photo of the rainbow trout.

At least we didn't go home empty-handed. Salamat kababayan!

I baked the fish and rubbed spices on it. We had rice and corn with it. Tasty! I ate the fish-head first (my fave) of course. Happy tummy.

Guardian for Fritz & Phoebe

Sept 17

Pangga brought home a red dragon guardian for our pets.

Phoebe with the new dragon guardian.

We bought the new aquarium for Fritz and Phoebe last September 13, so they will have a bigger place to swim around.

Pangga set it up and placed the blue rocks.

Happily swimming in their new home.