Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Witnesses & Friends

July 18

Jonnie called us first and told us they were on their way to City Hall. Then Darrell, Doris & Steve arrived and called us too. The rest followed. We didn’t invite many people because we wanted a low- key civil wedding. Our family and other close friends couldn’t make it for various reasons. Eric’s dad had two recent major surgeries and we knew that traveling from Illinois to San Francisco would take a toll. One of my best friends, Elaine, wanted to come but I told her the ceremony is quick and we would be off to our honeymoon immediately, so we wouldn’t have time to entertain them. Not fair to let them make such a long trip from New York.

We also planned to have another wedding when we go home to the Philippines, so that my family could be there to share it with us.

But on that day, I still wished they were there. Anyway, we’re very happy that some of our friends could make it. They all lived nearby, so that made things easier.

Bride being silly. Happy to see our friends Katy and Maralily. It was Maralily who took this photo.

All smiles.

Top Left- clockwise: Steve, Darrell, Jonnie, Alec, Katy, Groom & Bride, Doris. Photo taken by Maralily.

Katy & me.

With Doris.


Doris & Steve.

L - R: Maralily, Jonnie & Alec.

Steve & Groom.

Most of the photos were taken by Maralily (below left). The other photos were taken by Darrell and Doris (right).

Maralily has also uploaded these photos at her Flickr site. She takes beautiful photos. To see more of her work , please click on the link maralily.deviantart.

Photographers taking each other's photo.


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