Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wedding Reception

July 18

After the ceremony, we proceeded to The Holding Co. for the wedding reception. Pangga & I love hanging-out at this bar/ restaurant, not only for its great ambiance or fabulous food but also for its friendly staff. Pangga has been going there years before I came to California, to chill- out after work and I've come to like the place as much as he does. That's why it's just perfect to hold a small party there.

The duet. We brought the wedding songs CD that Pangga compiled for the party and we sang along as the music was played.

"Tra-la-la, wooooohhh, wwooohhh."


"Rock, baby, rock. Rock into my heart."

Maralily looks so cute in this photo. She got the bridal bouquet. Do I hear wedding bells, soon?"


"Flowers were incorporated into the ceremony because they represent fertility, purity, new life and never ending love. Traditionally, bouquets were a mixture of flowers and herbs. Dill was a very popular choice as an herb because it was believed to promote lust. Following the ceremony, the dill was eaten for that purpose."

"Tossing of the bridal bouquet is a custom which has its roots in England. It was believed that the bride could pass along good fortune to others. In order to obtain this fortune, spectators would try to tear away pieces of the bride’s clothing and flowers. In an attempt to get away, the bride would toss her bouquet into the crowd. Tradition says that the single women who catches the bouquet is the one who receives the bride’s fortune and will marry next."

Crisp Breaded Artichoke Hearts, w/ garlic aioli & spicy cocktail sauce is a must appetizer at The Holding Co. Its taste is heavenly. mmmmmm Yum!

With Heidi & Paula, our friends & superb staff at the Holding Co.

"The concept of a reception originated in France and is based on the old custom known as a "charivari" (shiff-a-ree). Traditionally, friends would figure out where the newlyweds were spending their wedding night. They would gather under their window to sing, blow horns, and make as much noise as possible to keep the couple awake."


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