Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wedding Cake Cutting

"A wedding cake is the traditional centerpiece at the wedding reception. Originally, the cake was not eaten by, but thrown at the bride! It developed as one of the many fertility traditions surrounding a wedding."

"Ancient Romans believed that wheat and barley were symbols of fertility and so, wedding cakes included one or both of these ingredients. Incidentally, wheat was among the earliest grains (predating rice) to be ceremoniously showered on the bride and groom. In its earliest origins, the unmarried young women attending the wedding were expected to scramble for the grains to ensure their own betrothals, much as they do today for the bridal bouquet. Somewhere around 100 B.C.E., Roman bakers began creating small, sweet cakes with it. The tradition of pelting the bride mellowed into a custom of crumbling the sweet, wheat cakes over the bride's head."

"It later became a tradition to place many small cakes on top of each other as high as possible. The newlyweds would then try to exchange a kiss over the top of the tower of cakes without knocking them down. During the reign of King Charles II of England, the baker added icing, and the modern style of wedding cake was born."

Cutting our wedding cake.





Smear, smear.


Gimme' a kiss now.


Our wedding cake turned out to be delicious with just the right amount of sweetness. The flowers are made with the same creamy, soft icing, so it was not hard to eat. Thanks Anna Bakery!


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