Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wedding Cake

July 11

Today, I finally ordered our wedding cake. I called 5 bakeries before I decided on one. It's called Anna Bakery in Clay Street, San Francisco. It's two blocks from where Pangga works. Our friend Darrell also suggested this bakery. I just wanted everything ready by now.

I spoke with the owner herself, Anna. She showed me various cake photos to help me decide. I decided to have a two- layer cake since we will just have ten guests. The ornate icing decoration will look like this.

And it will have these flower decorations. I liked the different pastel colors, esp. baby pink and light blue.

I'm happy that they will deliver the cake to where our reception is. We don't have to pick it up and worry about it.

Wishing I was in the Philippines because the Iguana twins, Ning & Way, will do a huge & beautiful cake for the same price. Oh well, got to stop converting dollars into pesos. hehehe


  1. flower decorations on the cake is good

  2. Pretty helpful information on the wedding cake and hope it will help me in finding nice cake for my niece’s wedding which is being arranged at one of the exquisite San Francisco wedding venues. Did wonderful arrangements and had a lovely party there.


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