Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Haircut

July 12

My man decided he wanted a new haircut for the wedding. So we headed out earlier than usual for Berkeley, to have his haircut and watch Hellboy 2. He specifically wanted to have his hair cut by a Filipina hairstylist. Oookkaayyy! He said that she always did a great job on every haircut.

He goes to the same hair salon in Berkeley for several years now which is located in University Avenue. I've seen the said hairstylist when we went there a couple of times but she's always with a customer. So it's rare to get a haircut from her unless you wait.

Luck was on our side! She was ready for another customer when we arrived. By the time his hair was done, I already agreed that she really gives a great haircut. She's very meticulous.

Pangga was also telling her of our wedding plans during the whole duration, so they kept glancing and smiling my way. She said she's from Manila and married twice already. She was nice.

I really like the haircut. Pangga with his "I told you so" look. hehehe

After that, we checked the schedule for Hellboy 2 and discovered it would start late. We had no time to watch it especially since we didn't want to be late on my Bachelorette party. So off to lunch we went.

We decided to go to Pollo's because it's been a long time since we went there. The owner was happy to see us and said that he thought we moved because he hasn't seen us lately. We told him we were getting married and he said he's happy to hear that. We are so happy to tell the whole world! hehehe

Pollo's is popular for its gyros but this time we ordered sausage omelet and barbecued chicken with rice. YUMYUM! A huge meal would definitely get me ready for the drinking during the party. I didn't want to get sick after having just one drink.

After the delicious meal, Pangga was ready for his IPA. His favorite wasn't available but another IPA pleased him, Pliny the Elder.

Our favorite weekend hang-out, Jupiter's.

Showing new haircut again.


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