Sunday, July 6, 2008

Marriage License

June 19

Today, we had a 2 pm marriage license appointment at the San Francisco City Hall. Pangga scheduled it online (SFGOV) and he said it was easy, but you have to pay an additional $5 for convenience fee. Latecomers won't be served and the payments forfeited. So, we went there early.

Pangga, with a background where SF City Hall's top can be seen through a clump of trees.

Strike a pose! (heheh)

We decided to get married at the San Francisco City Hall so there would be less hassle. It is one of the nice places to get married. The elaborate ornamentation of the dome, characteristic of Baroque architecture, is breathtaking.

We also don't have to stress out ourselves, especially on the issue of the officiating priest and wedding location. Another thing is I don't have my sister here to help with the preparations. Hopefully, there will be a lot of help when we do it in the Philippines too.

Being inside the City Hall felt like filing taxes, getting your state ID or being questioned by a high- ranking government official. The only difference is that getting a marriage license is a happy occasion. Everyone was nice and with a ready smile, saying "Congratulations!"

Many couples were inside the huge hall, waiting for their turn to get married. It was both our first time to see same- sex couples getting married. Fascinating!

You just feel the love in the air. It will be us, soon!

Finally got our marriage license. They also gave us a pamphlet containing health information, clinics and government hotlines.

Yehey! Another check on our wedding checklist.


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  1. Dah-dum-da-da; Dah-dum-da-dah...yippee!
    the wedding will be heavenly wherever it happens! love you guys!j.


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