Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From the Philippines & Goldilocks

July 10

We received a package from the Philippines today. I went to downtown Oakland to get it from Charlotte's (my sister-in-law) cousin.

Pangga immediately wore the tank that mama sent him. He's happy it fits. Just what he needs for summer.

Dried fruits (mangoes, pineapples & guyabano) from the Philippines.

Talked to a Filipina when I was going home by BART. She asked for directions and I saw she had Goldilocks. It's a Philippine bakery and restaurant chain and famous for its desserts among Filipinos. We started talking about it and I ended up with a piece of cheese- filled pie with a flaky crust. She was a nice lady and it was good to speak in Tagalog even for a short period.

July 8

My love surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers today. He's super sweet. Oh, I'm so lucky!


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