Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fremont: Housewarming party

July 5

Our friends, Alec & Maralily, were having a housewarming party. They just moved back from Panama.

When we arrived, Katy was still setting up the grill, so the guys stepped in to help out.

Josh, Eric and the grill wrestling. (hehehe)

Katy read the instructions and handed out hinges/ bolts.

Josh brought fresh sweet corn to grill.

Herb- Grilled Lamb prepared by Josh. He's usually the designated chef during parties because he loves to cook. I don't remember the exact ingrediants of the marinade but I do remember that he mentioned mustard, 3 garlic cloves, oregano, balsalmic vinegar and olive oil. The marinade is rubbed on one surface of the lamb, folded in, then log- rolled and tied with string to secure.

More grilling commenced! We were so hungry by this time, so Eric and I wished we had a proper breakfast before we left home.

Sweet nectarines.

At last! Grilled lamb carved by Josh.

The lamb was perfectly grilled. Time to dig in! (L-R: Alec, Josh, Jonnie)

L-R: Tiara (Apples to apples board game on her lap), Katie, Luc (bending), Maralily & Alec (hosts), Liz & Josh, and Uni (barely seen).

More WWE (wrestling) entertainment. That's Amber and Alec horsing around.

Karaoke time! Sierra singing and Luc waiting for his turn.

My handsome man.

With Maralily (hostess).

L-R : Amber, Josh, Sierra, Me

With Sierra.

More entertainment. This time a sultry, sexy belly dance performed by Euphemia.

Captive audience below. L-R: Liz, Alec (standing), Aimee ("hotwheels"), Jonnie (holding "rabbit ears" behind Alec and Maralily), Maralily, Luc (for Lucifer), Uni and Katy.

After the dance, we left since it was getting late. We definitely had a great time with friends.



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