Sunday, July 20, 2008

Civil Ceremony

July 18

Our names were called, so we approached James, the solemnizing officer. It was time for the civil ceremony.

Holding hands, we are One.

Eric saying vows and giving me my wedding ring.

My vows and giving him his wedding ring.

Symbol of the Wedding Rings

"According to some historians, the first recorded marriage rings date back to the days when early man tied plaited circlets around the Bride's wrists and ankles to keep her spirit from running away. Approximately 3,000 BC, Egyptians originated the phrase "without beginning, without end" in describing the significance of the wedding ring. They also believe that the ring should be worn on the third finger of the left hand (the finger next to your little finger) which follows the vena amoris, that is, the vein of love that runs directly to the heart. These rings were made of woven hemp which constantly wore out and needed replacement."

"Although Romans originally used iron, gold is now used as a symbol of all that is pure. Diamonds were first used by Italians, who believed that it was created from the flames of love. In some European cultures, the wedding ring is worn on the right hand. In other cultures, an engagement ring is worn on the left hand, and the wedding ring is worn on the right hand. Today, the rings simply symbolizes the love and bond between husband and wife."

"You are now husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Symbol of a Kiss

"In ancient times, the kiss was legally binding and a signified mutual acceptance of the contract of marriage. It is said that the bride and the groom "exchanged a bit of their souls" with the breath of a kiss!"

I thought that a civil ceremony would just be done in 3 minutes, saying “I Do’s” and “You may kiss the bride". I didn’t expect it to last longer, probably over 15 minutes.

Our marriage commissioner officiated a heartfelt, beautiful ceremony for us, as we exchanged our vows and our wedding rings.


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