Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bridal bouquet & Corsage

July 17

Today, I bought flowers to make my bouquet and Pangga's corsage.

Colorful bridal bouquet.

"Flowers represent fertility, purity, new life and never ending love. Traditionally, bouquets were a mixture of flowers and herbs. Dill was a very popular choice as an herb because it was believed to promote lust. Following the ceremony, the dill was eaten for that purpose. Tossing of the bridal bouquet is a custom which has its roots in England. It was believed that the bride could pass along good fortune to others."

Pangga liked his corsage when he saw it that night. It's made of orchids.

We're both so excited for our wedding day. Both of us looked at our checklist to make sure all the things we needed to bring were all in one place. It was like making a "roll call" while Pangga read the checklist like, "marriage license" and I said "Check!". It was fun.

After that, Pangga made sandwiches for dinner.

Watermelon for dessert.


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