Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bicycling in Fremont

July 13

We woke up late today and had a slight headache after partying hard last night. But it cleared up after I took a pain reliever. After that, I felt like going for a walk with Pangga.

When Alec (our host) heard this, he offered us their bicycles. We enthusiastically accepted. He & Eric lowered the pink bike's seat so it will be easier and safer to use. He gave us directions and we were on our way to enjoy the fresh air.

My man.

Beautiful Fremont scenery.

We reached the main highway and saw 7-Eleven, so we decided to go there and buy foodstuff. We were already hungry but we wanted to picnic at a small park we passed by earlier.

Pretty in pink, Maralily's bicycle.

Other bicyclers. Vallejo Mill Park near Canyon Heights. Alec & Maralily's house is in Timpanogas Ctr, just 5 mins away. We had our snacks here.

A blue jay.

We didn't stay out long, so that our host won't get worried. When we arrived at Alec's house, Jonnie & Katy were there but the gaming group wasn't yet complete. So, I took a nap. Around one o'clock, Josh and Liz arrived. So, we started playing "7th Sea". I'm learning more now.

Josh, the chef, brought marinated chicken, fresh corn and watermelon. He made watermelon salad. This is where I learned that French sheep feta cheese goes very well with the watermelon salad.

Watermelon, greens with French sheep feta cheese and a dash of olive oil.

Below is the wedding gift (champagne & wine glasses) that Josh & Liz gave us.


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