Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Another Grilling Sunday"

July 6

Mission: to find sweet corn to grill. But the farmer's market wasn't in downtown Berkeley today, so we decided to go to Safeway. Discovered nice shops and restaurants on our way there. We reached Andronico's first which is also a grocery store, so we decided to look for sweet corn there. Mission accomplished!

This is the Thai/ Lao restaurant we recently discovered. It's right across Andronico's.

Bought Adana kebab sandwich (to go) from one of our favorite Turkish restaurant. It is made with ground lamb meat wrapped in pita bread with veggies.

Colorful Mediterranean scenes painted on the walls of the Turkish restaurant.

Proceeded to Jupiter's, looking forward to having drinks. Pangga smiled when he saw that his favorite IPA, El Toro, was available today. He had a short conversation with one of the managers. Wasn't surprising it was about beers and hops.

Went out into the sun and started enjoying the Adana sandwich and drinking lemonade. Aahhh!

Didn't linger long at Jupiter's. Went home to chill out and started marinating the steak.


Jacksonville bratwurst and marinated tomatoes/ onions.

Fresh sweet corn and steak.

What a delicious ending of a 3-day weekend!


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  1. u sure you wouldn't want to exchange ur bratwurst for pinikas na bulad, suka ug sili, pusit sinugba? hehehehe then lechon and sha-ey for lunch? ginamos pawala sa sumo? madahan.....


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