Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wedding Day & 3rd Anniversary

July 18

I woke up at 6:30 am because I needed time to prepare and I didn't want to end up panicking. I started with coffee and shower, then curled my hair. I doesn't sound like a lot of work but the ladies know it is. Brush, hairspray, curl, blow dry = rewind until perfect. I was glad I did a "trial make-up" because I was sure what kind of eye make-up I wanted and arranged all the things I needed from my foundation to the lipstick.

Around 8 o'clock, B woke up and made breakfast for us. A man isn't as fussy as a woman when it comes to dressing up, so he had time to- just be.

It's also our 3rd Anniversary! Time for cards. I got two anniversary cards! Yehey!

Pangga said that our 4rth anniversary next year would also be our first Wedding Anniversary. Easy to remember. Oh happy, happy days.

Pangga finally saw my wedding dress. He said he loved it and it was worth the wait. I did a brief fashion walk and twirled. It was fun.

Both of us were so calm, no one panicked and both finished preparing around ten. That gave me time to obsess about how and which way my hair should curl. I even reminded him to tell me before we left, that there were still hairpins stuck to my bangs.

The car arrived around eleven and we were off. We gave ourselves 2 hours for traveling time to San Francisco City Hall, in case of traffic and tire problems. "Better early than late", we said. Everything went smoothly: neither hail nor rain, neither tire blow-up nor traffic. (Hallelujah!) Travel time was just 25 minutes, we were so early. (hehehe) Pangga gave the driver a big tip.

While waiting, we took turns taking photos of each other.

Princess' curtsy.

My Prince.

GQ material.

Every person we encountered in City Hall said "Congratulations" and had the same huge smile as ours. One offered to take our photo.

Then we went to the cafe and had an early (small) lunch. We went there prepared for the wait and brought a book and crossword puzzle. But we never got to use those because we took time eating our lunch and watching each other to make sure that no one spilled food on both white attires. We were not klutzes that day, we're proud of ourselves. Yay!

Witnesses & Friends

July 18

Jonnie called us first and told us they were on their way to City Hall. Then Darrell, Doris & Steve arrived and called us too. The rest followed. We didn’t invite many people because we wanted a low- key civil wedding. Our family and other close friends couldn’t make it for various reasons. Eric’s dad had two recent major surgeries and we knew that traveling from Illinois to San Francisco would take a toll. One of my best friends, Elaine, wanted to come but I told her the ceremony is quick and we would be off to our honeymoon immediately, so we wouldn’t have time to entertain them. Not fair to let them make such a long trip from New York.

We also planned to have another wedding when we go home to the Philippines, so that my family could be there to share it with us.

But on that day, I still wished they were there. Anyway, we’re very happy that some of our friends could make it. They all lived nearby, so that made things easier.

Bride being silly. Happy to see our friends Katy and Maralily. It was Maralily who took this photo.

All smiles.

Top Left- clockwise: Steve, Darrell, Jonnie, Alec, Katy, Groom & Bride, Doris. Photo taken by Maralily.

Katy & me.

With Doris.


Doris & Steve.

L - R: Maralily, Jonnie & Alec.

Steve & Groom.

Most of the photos were taken by Maralily (below left). The other photos were taken by Darrell and Doris (right).

Maralily has also uploaded these photos at her Flickr site. She takes beautiful photos. To see more of her work , please click on the link maralily.deviantart.

Photographers taking each other's photo.


July 18

Pangga wore a jacket over his Barong Tagalog just in case it gets cold. It was time to remove the jacket and put on the corsage. Steve was kind to hold his jacket until the wedding ceremony ended.

Putting on the corsage.

Keep still, Pangga. There are two pins in there. hehehe

Finally. Yey! My man looks so handsome.

Orchid corsage.

A Barong Tagalog is Filipino formal attire with beautiful embroidery, worn untucked over an undershirt. It is hand-loomed from pineapple and/ or banana fibers; organza or jusi fabric. Filipinos often wear it on formal occasions.

Bride & Groom

July 18

Now we know how actors and actresses feel when they're the center of attention. I felt self- conscious at first when our friends took a lot of pictures. But I got over it and just enjoyed the moment.

The Bride. They said I was glowing. Who wouldn’t, during their wedding day?

The dashing, handsome Groom.

Mr. & (soon-to-be) Mrs. W

Appointment Number

July 18

Ten minutes before appointment time, the bride & groom should arrive at the information desk of SF County Clerk, Room 168. It was Jonnie who directed us where that room was. When we went inside, the clerk said that we're too early to register and told us to return after 10-15 minutes.

Eric and I were still both excited when we told our friends. Finally, it was time to check-in. The clerk asked for our marriage license and checked our IDs then gave us our appointment number. We had to wait for our number to be called.

Our number was B227. It was a longer process than I thought because there were other couples ahead of us. The wait begins.

Signing the Marriage Contract

July 18

Finally our turn! We were directed to the person who will solemnize our civil marriage. I'm not sure of his last name because the signing went fast, but I know his first name is James. Then we signed the marriage contract ahead of time. Our witnesses were Jonnie & Doris.

Bride and Groom signs.

Doris, one of our witness.

A kiss.

We also signed a souvenir Marriage certificate with a picture of the magnificent dome of San Francisco City Hall.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


July 18

We were happy to learn that the rotunda was available and the civil ceremony would be held there. So we headed upstairs.

You can see the amazing baroque architecture at the top.

San Francisco City Hall has often been referred to as "The Crown Jewel" of the finest ensemble of classical architecture in America. The architect was Arthur Brown Jr., who also designed San Francisco"s Opera House, Veterans Building, Temple Emanuel, Coit Tower and 50 United Nations Plaza."

"Its dome is one of the largest in the world, rising 306 feet above the civic center national historic district. The building itself totals over 500,000 square feet.” –Sfgov.org/city hall

Maralily took our photos while waiting. Some of them were candid snapshots.

Being silly.