Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Growing Vegetables in Pots

May 17

Pangga always wanted our own herb garden, so we decided to grow them including some veggies in pots. We bought the following seeds: scallions, chives, spinach, snow peas and beefsteak tomato. Pangga also bought soil mixed with fertilizers in order to help the seeds grow well.

I'm not an experienced gardener, so I just closely followed the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations. I'm reminded of my mother, she can coax any plant to grow well. I often refer to her as the "green thumb" in the family.

Pangga and I have been holding our breath since I planted the seeds and we're both excited to see them finally growing.

One advantage I like when growing plants in containers/ pots is the ability to move them around to a sunnier or shady spot to fit the needs of the plant. But I know that it needs to watered more than those field- grown because of the limited amount of soil within the container.

Above is a photo of a growing "big beefsteak tomatoes" which took 7-14 days to germinate. It will produce huge globe- shaped fruit size about 10- 12 oz each. I really hope we get to see that before the summer ends. (finger's crossed)

Below is a photo of salad scallions. Pangga is so looking forward to this!


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