Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Birthday weekend

May 31

It's our birthdays! We went to Berkeley to watch Prince Caspian and have dinner in a nice restaurant. We're pooped after watching and exposed to more than usual weird people in the vicinity, so we decided to order mixed Hawaiian barbecue (to go) for dinner. Sang each other a birthday song while taking turns to blow on a small brownie cake. We felt so much better after that. More cuddling for birthday "twins". (happy sigh)

Birthday bouquet of roses.

The following day, we decided to make tandoori chicken. It was our first time, so we're so excited.

Grilled Tandoori chicken. Check out the ingredients under label "A recipe", if you're interested.

With the "Master Griller".

We also had pre-mixed "saag paneer", spinach salad and Pangga made deviled eggs.

It all turned out so well! YUM!! Happy birthday to us, again!


  1. These are great! love 'em and love you guys!!!!!!

  2. Love these pics...miss you always; think of you often. I'm so glad for the internet...and Sherry's photo/web talent: you go girl!!!!!

  3. Thanks, Julie! We love you too!


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