Friday, May 16, 2008

Grilled Steak

May 10

We went to El Cerrito to buy groceries. We bought more barbecue sauces in Lucky supermarket, then bought the rest of our food at Ranch market. Pangga planned to grill steaks upon arriving home.

Pangga marinated the steak with the Havana Garlic and Lime sauce that we bought. I made mashed potato (with sour cream, garlic, chives) and salad to complement our grilled steak. We mixed grilled mushrooms, tomatoes and onions into our salad : WOW!

Proud "Master Griller"!

After dinner, we played scrabble where Pangga tried to claim the "golden pen" from me. That's what we refer to as our trophy from winning our scrabble match. Of course, I didn't relinquish the "golden pen", I won this round again! The second time I got all seven tiles down with extra 50 points! The word was "vigours" as seen below. Whhooopppiiieeee! hehehe.


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